9 Reasons to Study at FUB

Here there are 9 reasons why you should consider doing your academic studies at UManresa FUB.

FUB university camus facilities

When finishing high school studies, we must consider what degree we want to study and in which university we want to do it. It is a stage in which many doubts arise; Is this the career I should choose? Will I be able to get in with my qualifications? Will I have to travel every day to study? Will I need a place to stay? How do scholarships and grants work? Or maybe if you come from a higher grade or take another career, you may wonder if you’ll be credited from your previous studies.

Here you have 9 reasons why you should consider a degree at the University of Manresa FUB.

  1. Methodology: innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged, apart from offering a practical component in classes through simulations and case studies. That helps  students to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge that they will need in their future professional lifes.
  1. Continuous training: the university has a variety of courses for university and non-university students. Among them we find language courses with a wide variety of foreign languages and a wide range of shifts and levels.
  1. Practices:  facilitates practical learning by offering the possibility of internships in the most outstanding companies in the region of Bages and surroundings, allowing you to apply the knowledge acquired in the classes.
  1. Employment agency: the university has a job bank available to all students and alumni of the FUB. This factor represents an added value for all university students as it facilitates their entry into the world of work.
  1. Small classes: one of the strengths of Umanresa are the small groups and the direct contact with both teachers and staff, a fact that allows you to increase the apparel and professional development.
  1. Teachers: teachers  with a long history in their area: most have a long professional career. The fact that they have experience and they are active it brings reality closer to students.
  1. Location: the UManresa FUB is located on the University Avenue of Manresa. Its location in the center of the region of Bages makes rethink the idea of being able to study without having to go far from home. In its vicinity we find the UPC digital library, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
  1. Accommodation: on the university campus we find a university residence in which can be accommodated university students. The university also offers its students a website that makes it easier to find flats for all foreigners who do not stay on campus.
  1. Parking: the FUB has several parking areas reserved exclusively to students. So we save a lot of time when looking for a parking place.

Studying at FUB Manresa it’s a very good option if you have to take your studies but you don’t want to go far away from your house, your family and your friends.

If you are looking for a prestigious university, with good professors and demonstrable experience their sector, closeness to the teaching team, the possibility of combining your studies with work, with the option of internships in recognized companies of the studies you wish to study. And installations according to what we offer you. UManresa is your best choice.

You can find out about all our degrees and postgraduate courses by calling 93 877 41 79 or come to visit us at Av. Universitària, 4-6, 08242 Manresa (Barcelona).


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