Nowadays the global economy is controlled by big companies, those multinationals whose decisions move the world. All the entrepreneurs want to reach the top of their sector but for achieve their goals, they have to know the keys to success.

First of all, we need to understand that a big company has a lot of members that have to be perfectly coordinated to accomplish the same objectives. So it’s necessary a hierarchy inside the company that determines the responsibilities and commitments of each person. If everybody knows his role there won’t be problems, for example someone that doesn’t know his role probably will do things that he/she isn’t expected to do and he/she will take responsibilities or decisions that probably he/she doesn’t have to. Everybody must know his/her role in the company not to cause problems or misunderstandings.

Getting to this coordination requires an excellent internal communication that transmits the values, mission and vision of the company. This key to success will create an environment of motivation, will help the tasks of the different departments to be complementary and build an identity of the company. To increase this motivation, we believe that talking to workers individually and let them to express their opinion is a right way. Also, a good internal communication should express all the achievements of the corporation because it will show that all together are doing the things correctly. 

There are three types of internal communication:

  1. Downward communication is the most basic and traditionally used type of formal communication, it goes from the top to the lower levels, it’s a very important management to correctly explain the development of the tasks performed in the organization, it will follow the intention of the upper directions, they will communicate in descendants so the lower levels will receive the information from the higher levels.
  • Upward communication, it arises from the lower levels of the institution and goes ascendant to the top of the company, the lower levels will communicate the problems and all they don’t like to the top of the company.
  • Horizontal communication it occurs between people and departments that are in the same level line like we explained before in the example, they all have the same importance in the company so they can communicate horizontal because no one is better or more important than the others.

All of them are used in companies depending on how the company wants to communicate with their employees. Indeed, some companies as small ones not based in production but in investigation or creation of new technology or products, sure will find a better use on horizontal communication.

To make easier the communication inside the company there are different tools, for example: the welcome manual, that should explain how the business works, the values, objectives, etc. Also, as all we know we live in the technological era and for that reason the company must have Internet with a personal email for all the workers as well as a database and/or an Intranet. Another point that is interesting is the idea of an internal newspaper that inform of the situation of the company and provides updated information.

Last, but not least, we want to highlight the importance of meetings within each department and between departments and, for sure the use of the phone!!!

In conclusion, we may say that that downward communication is one of the better option for internal communication in companies and organizations, as directional boards have the commitment to inform, to generate a good internal communication in order not to create misunderstanding and to motivate all levels of the company to get to the objectives. But it is also important to point that each employee must know his role for making the right thing.


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