Nokia choose values as a foundation for taking the culture to a next level because values are what join workers with the company. If Nokia workers do not feel reflected in the values of the company they work for, they will intellectually give less than they could.

Nokia selected a team of people from all different levels of the company to re- examine the values of Nokia an create new ones. The challenge was that this new values engage intellectually the company’s workers, so they feel more comfortable with the values they must follow. They made this change because values are what define how Nokia employees do business with each other and within the rest of the world.

Nokia made extensive interviews with people inside and outside the company, including partners and providers, to understand how Nokia was developed and how it should change. This investigation reported several actions to renew the focus of Nokia’s culture and, in particular, its values. They would like these values to be more open than in most companies, in order to do simple things, with respect and care. This changing process wants to show that the heterarchy (the equality of power among people who work there) is more important than hierarchy.

These values are based on achieving together, not only trust, but the right mind-set and working in formal and informal networks. Engaging means the value of customer satisfaction and tries to involve all our interest groups in our main values:

  1. Passion for innovation: it’s based on the desire to have dreams and jump to future through innovation in technology.
  1. The ways of working and understanding of the world. How Nokia understands it?
  2. Be very human which encompasses what they offer to clients, how they work, how they do business, and the impact of their actions and behaviours.

All these new values influence a lot to help the company to make a change of business strategy based on the issue of trust teamwork and cooperative work. This is a very important point for all stakeholders because if the company generates trust, people feel comfortable, works better and there are better results. Indeed, when customers, the product’s quality, they become loyal to the company. That is the reason why it is also important that the company’s employees trust in the product they make, sell, design, or advertise, because they will become brand ambassadors.

So, to finish, we can say that the most important values as we can read previously are the satisfaction of the costumer knowing their needs because since if the customer is happy and sees in the product they offer what they imagined will be true to the company; the innovation, because it is very important to adapt to the environment looking to the future and the last one, which encompasses all others, is the change in the way we work, adapt to new situations, doing business, offering products, etc.

All this gives an image to clients, to companies, whether national or international, or to anyone who wants to interact with Nokia, which will influence the business of the company, in its success and its valuation.

Paula Davies / Anna Serra


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