Do we know what a brand really is and its strategy?

A brand can be defined as the set of attributes, tangible and intangible, that refer to a product or service and is what make it unique in the market. It consists of a real and economic aspect, that is, the main capital of the company. Companies decide how to sell their own brand, using creative strategies and brand management.

We can say that the brand is a system of different things, objects and actions, but at the same time, a system of symbols, such as relationships, images, sensations. Elements where their job is to develop meaning.

The decisions to launch a brand (services or products) and decide what will be creates an effect on people and society through the interactions between these three fundamental elements:

  1. As a first element we have what the brand does, products or services, which for the company is, on the one hand, what the brand means for the public and the benefits it brings to consumers and users.
  2. As a second element we have how the brand does what it does, that is, what it communicates to bring what it sells to the public (communication, sale)
  3. Finally, as a third element we have what the set of all the above mentioned means for the public, society and also the market.

For the company, the image of the brand that is created in the public mind, or rather, in the social memory, is important. Therefore, you must plan and provoke the concept process and brand management that you have decided.

Some entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial people wonder why it is so important to define the brand and its strategy? It is so important because it is the decide what message we can send, what image we can project, know the communication that must be given in social networks or other media, what types of events to organize and especially in which is better or not participate or collaborate.

Based on the brand strategy, it is that, before creating the brand, it must be clear which is the public with whom you want to connect and later become a customer, that is, find the target audience.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to be in the position that the company wants its brand to be perceived and to which it wants to be associated. For that, they have to think about different attributes that can be associated with the brand.

Also, an important point in the brand’s strategy is the benefits that the company offers, that is, establishing advantages that the competition does not have, since that will make it different, unique and preferable to obtain more clients.

The brand has to be given emotional value, that is, the company with its brand has to convince both the mind of the target audience and its heart. For this it is advisable to ask yourself a couple

of questions, such as what emotions we want our audience to feel. You also must assign a personality and attitude to the brand, rather, which is what will make us feel identified with it.

Finally, the brand must be given an identity, that is, a logo, corporate colours, images can be used in your design.

In conclusion, the brand strategy helps the company’s business by strengthening its reputation, ensuring, consistency, generating new opportunities and attracting talent.

Ana M. Madalina Dinu & Marc Torreguitart


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