Are you an entrepreneur? This article is for you!

Entrepreneurship is continue growing by the hand of technology and innovation, so nowadays the most  disruptive trends come from new digital companies. Online startups are a brilliant alternative with which you can develop your project with less time, less money but more effectively. 

Pablo Picasso said one day “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” and this is exactly what people need to practice more. Creativity is invent, experiment, grow, take risks, break rules, make mistakes and have fun.

Startup is a newly created company that markets products and services through the digital concept by websites. It is a scalable business model which allows sustained growth over time. This strong business model is able to grow really fast and be international in really short time. It scales quickly and quickly, and if you are thinking on create this business model you need to know that is cheaper than the classic and fisic business.  Digital business is a good way to start your business project if you are not sure how customers will react to the launch of your product.  Years ago if you have an idea and you want to start a new project, you must pay lots of money to do this. Today we live in a society that is almost hundred percent technolized, so business, therefor, business need to change at the same time to be at the same level and .

Startups have a lots of advantages:

  1. For example, startups have many possibilities of expansion and internationalize your company in a really short time. 
  2. You don’t need a physical space to carry out your commercial activity, so it is more cheap. 
  3. Startups is an opportunity to entrepreneurs. They can create in a really short time their projects and turn your passion into a company.
  4. In many cases, startups do not require a large number of staff either.

On the other hand, this type of business can present some disadvantages

  1. That are businesses with some risk and we may have difficulties obtaining financing.
  2. They require constant reinvestment during the most important phases of the growth of the company.
  3. We may have problems positioning ourselves in the market when the competition has market power

Then here it comes a key facts for this projects, the business angel is a physical or juridic person who invest money helping other people growing their business and they also get a part of the business benefit.  This figure is really important for people who create a startup because it is a good way to get money and finance their business in a really short time. This type of invest, can occur at any time in business history, but is really good for this business that are in growth phase.

Here there is two of the most successful business which are created from startup model.   

  • Ant Financial ( 150 billion dollars)
  • Airbnb ( 31 billion dollars)

As you can see, nowadays it is really easy to start a project, and we all have the technology and the keys to develop our ideas, so if you are a good enternship, you have to take this opportunity.  To sum up all this information, we need to say that if you are thinking on creating a business, startup is a good way to start. You can begin your project without need too much money and if you manage to promote yourself well, you can scale your sales  very quickly.  


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