Nowadays, the use of electronic devices by kids is growing substantially. What consequences does it has in the long term?

Is nowadays childhood better or worse than old generations which spent their time playing on the streets? This is a question that much people try to answer to  themselves and it’s difficult to know the answer right now. All we know is that all these things will change the way we live life today.

The streets are deserted of childs who waste their time browsing social networks searching new “friends” instead of meeting real people face to face. Everyday we can notice especially how active young people are in social networks and while they don’t have lots of real relationships. But there is another social problem with real meetings as far as teenagers use the mobile phone instead of interacting in an authentic conversation. This whole world of technology will grow until it we reach a point that we can’t even imagine yet.

The use of these technologies will suppose an incredible free digital education for their future. But it can have a controversial effect that would cause problems if making a wrong use of it. For this reason, parents and teachers must educate them in an adequate way to inform young generations how dangerous is surfing the Internet without having the acceptable knowledge.

Besides that, Internet has some problems as a result of abusing. The biggest risks are addictions, mainly to video games, smartphones and tablets, which increases the probability of suffering from obesity, myopia, attention deficit disorder or, in the worst cases, it may causes depression.

Although, frequent use of technology can be beneficial for children whenever parents and schools teachers educate them digitally. Future labor market will demand people with excellent digital skills in new technologies, that surely will be developed in not many years.

Marc Borràs and Genís Martínez


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