More than words

So, what is communication? 

Human communication is something inherent in the human being since we have the need to communicate in order to understand each other and live peacefully.

Thanks to communication we can exchange all types of messages, and that makes possible the good functioning of our societies. If there is no communication, community life is very difficult for us.

Communication is much more than just talking and listening, other factors are also involved.

For example, in an oral presentation it is usually more important the way we say things than what we are really saying, since studies reveal that only 7% of an effective communication is due to verbal communication and 93% is due to non verbal communication like body language, tone of voice, etc.

Another example in which verbal communication is not very effective is when there is a very close relationship between two individuals, since we stop listening because we believe we are already aware of what that person is going to communicate to us, and sometimes this fact leads to misunderstandings.

However, when you do not know the person then you tend to pay more attention to what he says. The novelty means that we are exercising active listening during this communication.

As said before, the vast majority of the information we receive comes from nonverbal communication (55%), therefore other senses are involved such as smell, touch, visual effects, etc.

But what percentage of information do we retain?

Of all the information we receive, we just remember a 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discuss with others, 80% of what we personally experience and 95% of what we teach others.

Moreover some studies reveal that the visual impact works better than what is written.

Since, as they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In fact, it is scientifically proven that humans take ¼ of a second to perceive an image, while it takes about 6 seconds on average to perceive every 20-25 words.

And what about communication in businesses?

Communication in business is as necessary as the air to breathe. No business can be carried out without it.

If you can imagine running a business without any communication, you can have a serious efficiency problem, leading the company to lose money. Therefore, communication has a fundamental role in all aspects of business since is essential to establish strong relationships, formulating ideas, and helping the team surpass challenges like difficult conversations.

For a business it is very important to use a wide variety of tools to improve the communication of your company (there are different ways), since effective communication is vital to achieve success. If the communication of your business is good, the size of your company will not matter to cause an impact on society.

Taking everything into consideration, we can define as effective communication the one which goes beyond the simple exchange of information, it is also based on understanding what is not said (emotions and intentions behind what was said). In order to achieve all of this, we need to learn some important skills, such as: pay attention to nonverbal signals, become and engage listener (by focus fully on the speaker, show interest, etc.), quick stress relief for effective communication, take a moment to calm down, etc.

We can conclude that in today’s world, good communication has diminished, people have been losing the ability to know how to interact with society because humans do not put into practice nor the norms, nor the means to get an excellent communication process, even in our daily life.

Judit Carmona, Mireia Martín and Carolina Segura



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