We are more accustomed to them, but smartphones have changed our lives forever.

The phone that changed everything and gave rise to what could be called the smartphone revolution. Anyone would say that we have been with them all our lives, but the truth is that we have barely had them in our hands for ten years. However, who could already live without them?

If we give a little review of the trends in the number of users of mobile phones and smartphones in the world, we will realize that the figures are unstoppable. The number of mobile devices worldwide reached approximately 7.9 billion, in fact, more than people are on our planet. There is a trend that is unstoppable, the addiction to mobile and smartphones, and possibly urban planning such as city infrastructure must be adapted to new challenges for the benefit of protecting passers-by from a possible accident. Some urban planners say that it is no longer a matter of common sense, but an obligation of administrations to save lives in cities.

Large cities such as Tokyo and New York have already started from the perspective of signaling on the sidewalks to mark certain limits and signals to users “addicted to mobile” by redirecting them and warning them if necessary. There are studies that indicate that in the United States the advertising investment in mobile phone can exceed this year that of television, and there is not much doubt that these trends will arrive in Spain sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, the real personalization of communication between brands and consumers, identified through mobile phones, located at all times, and with programs and tools that try to unite the real world with digital, is already a reality. It is intended that the mobile of the future be really intelligent and be able to meet our tastes and needs, in order to gradually become true assistants.

The mobile experience is increasingly personalized and that makes it necessary to understand the behavior of the mobile consumer to create strategies in this regard. “People’s behavioris changing.”

Also, the mobile offers an opportunity to achieve greater customer loyalty. “The key for us is to recognize the customer who enters our store through their mobile device, for being a member of our loyalty program.

Farah Akraouna Bakkali


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