The advances in communication and essential techniques for these.

Communication and the media are evolving and we must be able to move forward with these. 

Serzh Ohanyan, Joan Marc, 

Wed 4 March 2020 

Last years communication tools and skills have evoluted a lot through new available tecnologies and social media content. Consumers are changing the way they purchase and use products and services. They are altering the way they interact with companies. 

Companies around the world know that they have to evolute with the market as fast as possible to stay as close as possible of their potential consumers. 

Nowadays consumers are using search engines and apps to purchase their favourite products and some of them are writting reviews across multiple platforms about they purchase experience. A big part of these consumers operate via smartphone and they are propensily to pay using their mobile devices too. 

Some studies reveals that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews and 50% of people who search in google only look at the first results page. We can learn a lot about it, and consider that people value a lot their free time. Consumers want to interact as fast as possible with companies and no wasting time in bad structured or non clear websites. In addition, 98% of digital consumers are social media users and we know that they spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes in social networks and messaging. Finally, more than 4 in 10 are using social network to research new brands or products. 

Social media is the easiest and quickest way to share and find expertise, self promote our habilities, make connections between the market actors and comunicate news to the world constantly. It means than consumers want to be updated, the want to stay connected with products because some brands can affect and represent their identities and behaviors in “real” society. Every second counts when we speak about social media. 

Companies and brands can “attack” their consumers using different tools like websites, blogs, social media, catalogs, emails, apps,… All these content can be produced and controlled by own or earned by third-parties whose share their experiences with others. Finally we can pay to publish some content in strategical places or try to sponsor famous people who can represent us and influence our potential consumers. 

Another good option is developing internal procedures develop, based on values and principles of corporate ethics, which apply to the social environment. The aim is that business activities are perceived as ethical, transparent and responsible, not only in the eyes of their most immediate stakeholders, but also intermediaries, social agents, and in “the eyes of the world”. 

All these brand strategies will produce marginal gains like identity, trust, loyalty, credibility and different brand values which contribute to differenciate our products from our competidors and will help us to be trendy and essential.


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