Everything about Corporate Communication and DirCom

Do you want to know the latest on communication professionals, the organizational and professional capabilities of the profile? It could be useful for your future job!  Read it and discover how the DirCom’s scenario has changed in recent years!

Nowadays, corporate communication takes part in the way in which businesses and organizations communicate with internal and external audiences. This audiences commonly include customers, employees, key stakeholders, the general public and media and Government agencies and other regulators. 

Your strategy or plan should convey the goals and methods of your company’s plans, relaying what they want to share with the public, as well as employees and stakeholders. The strategy of  business company’s is constantly growing with competitors and the industry. Corporate communications include routinely going through a “checks and balances” process to develop and execute the messaging from executive’s corporate strategy and how your company’s different audiences perceive and interpret that information.

After identifying the priorities and areas where your company works best and that can be improved, you can establish a strong corporate communication strategy that aligns with the overall business strategy.  To do so, you need to identify the focus and set priorities for each audience. For your narrative to truly be useful, keep it simple and detailed. The clearer your plan the better, because it ensures everyone stays on message. Since each group you are communicating with is very diverse, you’ll need to find the best way to reach and communicate with them.

Another of the most important aspects of corporate communication is having a good DIRCOM, which starts with the objectives, vision, mission and values ​​of an organization, which assumes the responsibility of defining and concretizing the company’s Corporate Communication policy, and ensures for the notoriety, the image, the corporate reputation and above all take care of the brand. The DIRCOM always has corporate business objectives in mind, being the head of the design and management of the Strategic Plan for Corporate Communication of organizations.

It has an integral vision of the operational organizational operations, and it does so in a natural way, always committed and involved in the strategic decision processes. The most important strategy decision process is communication and therefore it is necessary to be in the hands of professionals with perfect technical mastery, such communication goes well beyond the dissemination of messages and/or information from previous stages.

To achieve good corporate communication, the DIRCOM identifies both external and internal strategic audiences, plans each topic and reinforces the key ideas by doing everything possible to create a solid bridge between both audiences, establishing all possible resources to generate opinions favourable to corporate objectives among its public.

In conclusion, corporate communication is constantly changing and transforming, but it is of vital importance and necessity for the entire company, regardless of the sector in which it works and the size the sector has. It is a technique that considers both internal and external communication of the company, since both have the same importance to assume the objectives of the corporation.

Jhoselyn Yataco & Maria Rosa Santasusana


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