Zara’s logo is in controversy.

The influence of globalization, the voracious competition, and social networks as a method of promoting a brand, makes aesthetic appearances becomes very important in business, whereas the logo and the visual image is the first impact on consumers mind.

Companies spend millions of dollars designing their corporate logos – they have a good reason for, because a bad logo design can doom a brand. This visual sign is the main way to differentiate one product form another, it makes the brand unique and its colour works as the key to transmit its value and symbology. The greatest logo catches your attention, give you information and helps you to decode it and facilities purchasing actions. So, take your time when choosing the logo, care about what you want to transmit. The shape is also important, for instance, rounded, curved or circular identify the brand values close to softness and comfort. Logos with angular and straight shapes, such as squares and triangles communicate stability, professionalism and efficiency. Choosing the best combination of design and colour is going to get you one step ahead in terms od added value game on market-place, but beware; different colours have different meanings in different cultural contexts.

For this reason, the redesigning a logo is an important and critical decision for a company since it can affect positively or negatively, whenever consumers feel comfortable to the brand. Zara is not out of controversy with the last change in its logo. Customers and even graphic designers have taken social media networks to express their disappointment and confusion. Why the Spanish brand, one of the biggest in the world, has taken on a rather “squashed” new look? A lot of people don’t understand why Zara logo has changed, and some of them think that Zara logo is very similar to the one of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. But, the objective of the new logo of Zara, is a clean source and of great visual interest with intertwined letters, curved lines and a larger size.

On our opinion, we don’t like the Zara new logo because every time is getting smaller like the sizes of Zara on store. In conclusion if you want to create a good impression you should have a great logo to be impress.


Paula Escalé Boixader

Anna Galindo Martinez


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