The 5 main reasons why we study at FUB

Choosing an university is always a difficult decision, as it will have a great importance in your future. Here we will give you the five main reasons that we have considered at the moment of selecting the FUB as our university.

–    Personal attention: As a private university there are few students in class compared to public universities, so teachers ensure greater listening and learning. Every student has a personal tutor that will help the student to solve different issues that can happen during the stage at the university.

–  Work opportunities: FUB has contracts with different companies with the intention to offer students an opportunity to make its work practices and giving they the chance to stay in this companies when finish the degree.

–    Language courses: FUB has not only some subjects in English, but a language academy where you can study languages such as English, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish… It’s free for ADE students. This courses give us the opportunity to  improve our language skills, which will have a vital importance in  future.

–     Proximity: This is the stronger reason for the major part of the students that lives in Manresa and in the area. If you have to spend 2 hours or more everyday commuting  to Barcelona makes impossible to combine  work and studies.

-Erasmus: The university offers you the opportunity to stay six months in another country: you can go to Finland, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Taking into consideration this five reasons we think that studying at  FUB is an attractive opportunity that will open a lot of doors in your future, and proportionate an unvaluable experience.


Dorian Tomas, Ilham Azraf and Chaimaa El khader


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