Knowing our interest: Succeed or die

Information and communications are key factors for companies. Look at the character Tyrion’s from Game of Thrones and how communication can determine de death or the success of a company.

One Tyrion’s strongest points in communication, is to be able to know which are the interest of every person he meets. This quality saved his life many times. EX: He was about to get his throat cut, when he heard that the boss of the mans that where trying to kill him wanted to sell his cock. Wisely, instead of begging for his life, hi tried to find a way satisfying for both parts, and proposed to kill him after the client saw the precedence of his cock to gain veracity. Thanks to that comment he was able to survive that conflict. He usually learns the interest of other by asking them about their story and their plans, but even when he’s not able to speak to them properly, he makes sure to pay attention to their commentaries, actions and so on to get as much information as possible from them.

If we apply this in our companies we can negotiate better deals with suppliers and clients. That ability has also proven to help him to get people to collaborate with his interest, remain by his side, gain respect and credibility and gain powerful allies.


In one occasion his partner Bronn told him that the wisest thing would be to steal his food and money and run away.  In response, knowing his weakness for women and money, Tyrion responded that Bronn would have them but only while staying by his side and not a second further. This initial deal lead, and the way Tyrion kept his word, created a deep fidelity from Bronn and the start of a friendship.

Doing the same thing, sometimes, even before they had power he became the right hand of the “Mother of dragons”, was deeply respected by “The king in the North” and had the loyalty of all of his subordinates.

This, applied to our companies would be translated in more loyal and productive workers, better relations with clients and suppliers, better working atmosphere, less sick leave, and a lot of more advantages.

We can’t ignore the importance of knowing each other’s needs through communication.It’s as simple as to educate those with people in charge and those in contact with client/supplier, a little bit of Emotional Intelligence.

Oscar Ardèvol Cuffi


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