Know Gen Z in 7 steps: The most individualist customer

How old are they? What do they really need? Which are their concerns? Is what companies has been asking themselves to order to understand

The new generation, the gen Z, which will represent an important part of market in two years, has some tips to consider:

  1. They are not just a number. As they are demanding costumers that claim loyalty, eco-friendly behavior and honestly.

The digital natives are strict with the products they buy. For example, if the product has an ecofriendly steps production, they read reviews in social networks and opinion pages. In that case, companies, food companies mostly, have to remark where their products come from, what ingredients it contains and soon. The importance of social media on communication is obvious, this new gen Z does not consume the television or radio, so companies have profiles in the main social media networks, where they promo the stuff.

  1. They are a challenge for professionals and the developers because they want new experiences. They are completely influenced by their idols, they prefer to hear about products or services from an influencer throw a professional as a referral. That’s why big companies are using “local influencers” to get to the target.
  2. They know the value of money, they grew up with a crisis on their backs, they appreciate an economic stability in their balance, so companies had to take care because the brutal consumerism won’t be a good choice for Gen Z.
  3. The difference between gen z and Millennials is that the first one has not ever known a life without this valuable device, the smartphone.
  4. One of the most fundamental ways to receive feedback from the gen z is using their argot through the social networks, specifically Instagram, as Facebook is losing its chance with them.
  5. Forgot about the traditional ads, use digital techniques advertising because Gen Z does not click on ads, they use ad blockers. If you want use the email, then personalize the message, make the costumer feel that you are not a spam, but a friend.
  6. Finally use videos. In every ad, promotion as gen Z is You Tube videos at every moment, and they like the viral, and impactful and emotional ones. Take that chance, better a video than a brochure to connect with Gen Z.

As a members of Gen Z, we think that is the moment to change communication to costumers in companies and add news methods to catch their attention. With this 7 tips we hope you find the strategies to understand gen Z and how they will change society with the arrival of this generation into the market. We gave you tips, now it’s your time to put in practice it and adapt it to your company needs.

Marc Bellet and Guillem Gangolells

Senior Graphic Designer


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