Internal communication is the heart of workers

Communicati on is necessary for the human being, it is impossible not to communicate between humans. For this reason, internal communication in companies is necessary. The planning of actions to influence the behaviour of employees, knowledge and attitudes, encouraging their participation and helping to generate changes. Internal communication was born as a response to the needs of companies to motivate their team of workers and get the benefits that this entails.

An effective internal communication can be an important tool to achieve our objectives and, on the contrary, insufficient internal communication can cause problems to the company. Having team motivated is essential to guarantee success. Next we handcuff the objectives that we must take into account in internal communication:

  1. Inform: Workers must be up-to-date on the company’s information, the mission, its philosophy, its strategies, objectives, etc. To achieve this, the company has to be transparent and they do not have to be afraid to share what they know or what happens. With the information you will reduce uncertainty and prevent rumors.
  2. Dialog: To facilitate the dialogue between the management and the workers, it means that there is feedback between the different steps of the hierarchy.
  3. Retain talent: The human team will increase its effectiveness and efficiency as long as they feel part of the project and their role in the organization is valued positively. That way they will be willing to give their best.
  4. Involve and motivate: Involve all members of the organization, and make there to feel that they belong to a common project and have space to make contributions and taking decisions.
  5. Innovate: Make use of new strategies and tools, for example internal social networks, wikis, videos, meeting days, etc. Adapting these strategies to companies, get bather workers participating.
  6. Share successes, make workers participate in the achievements and successes of the company, which will increase their satisfaction and involvement, and feel that success is also theirs.

Internal communication have many benefits: optimizing internal processes, contributing to achieve the objectives of the company, helping to spread the policy and values ​​of the organization, improving the workforce, increasing the workers’ personal motivation, workers are allowed to give their opinion and this increases confidence, increases the degree of worker involvement in the company, promotes the retention of talent and allows simple problem solving.

As we can see, creating a good internal communication plan is necessary for the proper development of any company, as internal communication is a healthy activity for companies.

Josep Sató & Cristina García


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