How new technologies have changed our lives?

Today’s consumer is very different from the traditional idea of a passive consumer, which is limited to the consumption offered by the market and that is given too much prominence. In contrast, the new consumer is proactive and has leadership capacity. He is also active in networks, is much more informed and in addition this, new technologies have become an active agent and important when giving opinion.

A new reality for the new terms, such as the ‘’prosumer’’, the union of the terms “producer” and “consumer’’. This prosumer takes into account technological, social and cultural advances. This is a new type of consumer. In indeed, it is necessary to contextualize the activities of a globalized society, especially in regard to the hyper-connection of new technologies, from their participation in social networks, forums or creation of blogs, to the growing influence of the Internet of things, which allows you an instant connection anytime, anywhere. But everything are advantages for the consumer. The negative part is the loss of privacy or, for example, the difficulty of influencing large monopolies. Even so, the new paradigm gives the consumer an indisputable role. Faced with its previous role, ‘’the consumer’’, there is an interaction between the company and the consumer. The opinions of individuals or groups of users are taken into consideration by other users. Even the organization determines them to make a decision and even to make changes within the organization at a productive level. In this way, the consumer of the 21st century assumes a leading role when it comes to conquer the market to do the same in the future.

On the other hand, globalization also means greater accessibility to points of sale thanks to new technologies and the excess of supply in a host of products and services. At the same time, means a great competition among companies, in the sense that it is about attracting the buyer and offering experiences that go beyond the products itself.

So we can say that the new consumer not only seeks specific products, but an experience. And the difference is in the details where insearching to satisfied costumers, so in future they will becomea brand to become an ambassador.

Sílvia Vila B.     Maurici Soler B.


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