FUB: our first investment.

Why have we chosen this university?
First of all, Umanresa-FUB is a university which is located in the top of Manresa. In this university, you can study careers like business management, physiotherapy, speech therapy, nursery and other degrees. The university has a very good location and you can go with car, bus or train. Not everyone wants to go to Barcelona to study a degree so it is a good fact that you can find a university in the centre of Catalonia.
But our goal is to let you know the reason is why we study here! During our last two years at the high school we thought what we could do when we finished it. We had a lot of options: going to Barcelona, Girona, or instead of continue studying we could work, or go abroad to learn another language and discover new places.
By doing Selectivitat in September, we did not had a lot of option when choosing an university, so we ended up going to Manresa because we did not had more options. Nowadays this is our second year studying business management at FUB and we cannot complain about anything because the career is going well and we are happy with the university and the results.
Maybe this university does not have the name that universities in Barcelona or other catalan cities have, but it offers you options that others cannot bring you. For example, students from second course can start working in important companies from Bages area while students from Barcelona cannot work until they have finished the career or until they are in the last course. In addition, one point that powers and enhances this university is that when you finish your career, near a 90% of students find a job, during the last year, you can travel abroad, study another language, and continue studying through a program called Erasmus.
To sum up, FUB has a big team of professionals and we highlight the close relationship between classmates and teachers. Furthermore, FUB have an incredible program that includes real cases with simulations and you can also learn different languages, without an extra cost.




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