4 points companies must know to be in Internet.

Nowadays everyone has a profile on Internet, so that is a good point for improving or increasing our level of benefits or have the opportunity to achieve or to arrive to a new markets and people. So we are going to explain the 4 points that companies must know to improve its presence in Internet.

Point 1. Companies have the chance to can reach new and highly targeted potential customers of Instagram users say that they have discovered new product and brands on the platform. For example, when Absolut Vodka promoted their limited edition on Instagram, the company achieved a five-point lift in brand awareness.


Point 2.

Companies can humanize the brand. Studies of UK say that for increasing our number of clients, we have to show the human side of the brand. So we have to show that our products really work and share real experiences of people who trust on us previously and they are satisfied with our product or service.


Point 3.

Social media offers to companies’ brand the opportunity of being the leader of research information and topics related to with your industry. If you are update and you publish post regularly, then probably Mr. Google will put you on the top of the researchs. So we have to share interesting content with our audiences to be alive and have a place on Internet.


If previous points do not work or they are inadequate for your company strategy you can always pay for being on the top of the page. It is different being on the top for your ranking or being on the top because of you have paid before, but you will be on the top too.


In conclusion, every company should have social media profiles but it is also a must to be updated and give relevant content to your audiences. It is your image, the one a brand shows to clients. Take care of your image and presence in Internet because it will contribute to your awareness and brand recognition. Don’t be afraid to work with Mr. Google algorithm, it is your partner in this trip.

Lluis Villaro

Pol camprubí

Pol Bra

Joan Simon


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