Why is important to know what consumers think and experiment from a Brand?


In the XXI Century a brand must know how to position itself in their consumers mind. Nowadays, most global brands attract consumers through positioning. We call positioning the image that our brand, product, service or company occupies in the mind of the consumer. This positioning is built on the perception that the consumer has of our brand individually and with respect to the competition.

For Companies it is very important to have a complete knowledge of the preferences, tastes and hobbies of their consumers, so companies must devote a large part of their efforts to market studies and analysis of their clients as well as their most strong competitors. Thereby, these brands must find out their consumers behavior because each one of us has a different lifestyle, hobbies, tastes, social status…, and in the consumer society we are the ones who rule over brands and we decide what we want, how and when we want it and at what price. If the brand is not able to find out this, they will lose market share and in a globalized world, a company have to set the bases very well from the beginning to be able to have a place in the market. 

Once the consumers are attracted, they must be able to stay positioned in their minds.  

Sometimes, consumers associate certain brands with childhood memories, past experiences, overcome obstacles, challenges, goals in life … and they buy their products because they already have a position in their minds since a long time ago.

For this type of consumers, it is very difficult to make them change their mind because they are very loyal to the brand. Therefore, they don’t usually change a brand for other unless they are disappointed or feel cheated.

The big environmental changes that we suffer from today, make consumers think about consuming products that respect the environment or animal treatment. Therefore, many brands increasingly try to project an image of “sustainable brand and committed to the environment.”
Wherewith, consumers must figure out which companies are really being transparent and which are not. But taking into account the marketing strategy, especially the greenwashing, sometimes it is difficult to know if they do it for self-interest or because they are a social responsible corporate.

What it is for sure is that it will be changes all over the years and companies must adapt to them if they don’t want to lose customers.




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