Why Estrella Damm opens the summer season?

Estrella Damm has kept for years a strong relation with the Mediterranean through its innovative summer advertising, which put the soundtrack and opens the summer season. Its ads are visited by more than 4,500,000 people, being Estrella Damm the oldest and most recognized Spanish beer brand in the country. It currently holds more than 86% of the market share in Catalonia.

The main characteristic to promote the product is to create a brand, the desire to spend holidays in the Mediterranean. We all want to travel to some unknown places, discover new beaches and lost sites. The illusion of sailing with a boat with our friends, having fun while we have a bath in the sea until the sunset. Another point in which the brand wants to base on it is in the concept of love, so they promote Estrella Dam as an opportunity to find the summer love. Therefore, the main objective of the brand is to create the association of going to party, having fun and enjoying summer: in those three words the main concept of Estrella Damm is summarized. The fact that the brand is from Barcelona can be perfectly related to the Mediterranean, and in this way creates a great impact and proximity of the product with their customers.

One of the actions to differentiate is the use of color related to the emotional values ​​that it tries to project, the Red that means: passion, joy, optimism, strength, enjoyment, day, night, food. That action has been one a success to build the brand universe that sustains its value of proposition and creates an absolute differentiation with the rest of the competitors.

The brand also shows gastronomy in its advertisements by using the image of Ferran Adrià. So, the beer gets more value for their customers. Besides that, in its campaigns they not only want to take us to the beach or the sea, they encourage the spectator to enjoy the cultural shows that take place in our country during summer time. This has been reflected for many years in the strong commitment of the brand with the sponsorship of culture in all its areas. Some of the examples are: Primavera Sound, Festes de la Mercè, Sonar Festival, Barcelona World Race and Futbol Club Barcelona.

Their main competitors are copying their promotion strategies due to their success. So, brands like Moritz, have a progression of market share against Estrella Damm. In any case, the innovations of Estrella Damm has forced the rest of the brands to create attitudes like, San Miguel with ‘Ciudadano del Mundo’, or Mahou ‘Lo que realmente importa’.

The brand does not sell a product, they sell an emotional state through storytelling, which consists on selling the product by explaining a story. The rational attributes of the drink stand out very little, and it puts all its promotion in attitudes and ways of living life. Selling friendship, illusion, discover, share, naturalness, weather, holidays, that is, a whole set of emotions directly related to the product. We call this associative Branding, when we construct emotional values ​​related in the functional attribute of the product.

Jaume Busquet
Elena Valentina Preda


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