My 10 reasons to study at FUB.

UManresa is a cosy little university located in Manresa, with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. UManresa offers you a huge variety of degrees: medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy, kindergarten, and Business Management Administration. There are also Masters in sports management, simulation, and others. Besides the degrees, CFGS and Masters, there is a language school in which you can study different languages, such as English, French, German…

Studying UManresa brings you many advantages:
1. Proximity student-teacher. As it is a small university, lessons are in reduced groups and so the teacher can cater everyone’s needs through a more individualized way of teaching.
2. You can easily combine your studies with your job. Umanresa offers you the possibility of study few subjects (slow way). So you will be able to study without stopping work.
3. Internship opportunities with prestigious companies in the region.
4. One subject is taught per day.
5. Practical approach. The University has a building named CU with material that allows medical simulations to be held.
6. Teachers are experts in their field. The major part of the teachers work in the fields they teach, so they have high expertise on it.
7. Fellowships. The university offers Fellowships (1500, 2000 and 3000) that are consistent with government grants.
8. Private library for students on campus.
9. Accommodation and parking exclusively for UManresa students.
10. Job board. This service is offered to students and alumni to facilitate entry into the labour market.
These are some of the many advantages offered by the university UManresa, there are many more. We encourage you to come and see all the benefits you can take while studying in UManresa. Come and visit us in our “Open day”!

Eudald Casahuga

Marina González


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