How to write a briefing in 10 steps.

To understand the importance of the briefing we must first understand what it is and what its  function is. The briefing is a starting point to develop a project with a creativity agency. It could be defined as a marketing tool that serves as a platform defining the marketing and communication objectives of a company’s campaign, establishing the actions that must be taken to achieve the objectives.

To sum up this information, we can say that a briefing provides information to work in ideas that gives solutions to a company’s communication needs. The construction of this document is vital to define whether a campaign is going to be successful or not. There are not magic formule, but if we follow 10 simpl steps we will be able to write a good brief.
The first one is to describe the project and the campaign’s reason why. The second one is to define the goals and the type of a activity are you looking for. In the third place we have the target, so we have to delimitate what type of consumer they are, what is their behavior and it’s also important why you think they need your product or service.

The fourth step is the key message, what are the most compelling reasons to believe, to trust, to buy your product or service. The fifth is the brand, so we have to talk about the competitors and how the brand is working in the market. On the sixth place we have to make a list of the medias where you would like to spread your idea: they can be purchased media or your own medias. It is also important to have a timing to be organized and to know if there are deadlines that you have to meet.

Another thing that you have to take into account are the mandatories, thing that must to be on the product, on the packaging, on the campaign, something you can never forget. In the ninth place we have the budget, it’s important to know what you would like to spend in this campaign. And the last step are the deliverables which are the information material and physical items that you need to draw the attention of the public.

It’s so important to take into account this steps and to communicate all the information and all the things that we would like to transmit to our consumers. The key point is to have a good communication between the client and the customer. The agency will express the idea so the customer has to explain all the details as well as the feeling and emotions that the campaign has to transmit.

Clara Marquilles


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