How Apple became a big brand?

Nowadays everyone knows Apple and the most part of the population has a product of this brand. Apple was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in California. The main products of the brand are the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer and the iPod portable media player. Over the years the brand has created her own identity under the slogan “Think different.”

The firm is innovative and that is one of its main characteristics. In recent years, it has manages to be the brand that has generated even new markets niches. Possibly, the success of smartphones would not have been such or so far if the iPhone had not appeared. And probably the tablets would not have triumphed if the iPad had not done so.

In this drive for innovation, Apple also shows an obsession with what it will mean for the consumer. So, for example, he eliminated the pointer that came with the first or smart phones or the keyboard to give a more satisfactory experience in use. But not only do they take care about the experience of use, Apple also shows an obsession with design. This predominance of design is virtually unique in the world of new technologies and makes Apple powerfully different.

Everything is inside a closed circuit that Apple controls. Apple has almost an exhaustive control of its brand, since everything is closed to ensure that it will always comply with the quality standards of the company.

The secrets of the Apple Stores: the most important thing is that the store functions as a meeting point for the users with the brand. In fact, consumers can touch everything and manipulate everything, and no one interrupt them while they do. The design of the store, one of those masterful blows of Steve Jobs, is indeed thought for it. If they need someone to interrupt them, customers will find staff with a highly qualified who not only know how Apple products work but also love them.

The stores are also the meeting point of the consumers with the customer service, which is another of the characteristics that has made Apple become a brand valued and loved by its customers.

So it’s no wonder that Apple is almost like a religion. The brand has become practically the object of worship among its consumers. Apple is, in fact, one of the lovemarks most indisputable.

Sandra Domene

Judit Colillas


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