Advantages of studying at UManresa-FUB

First of all we should say  that the Bages University Foundation (FUB) is a private institution with a commitment of public service with the main objective to ensure and  supply university studies in Catalonia region.

In the center are taught university degrees like Nursing, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Podiatry, Administration and Management (ADE) and Infant Education. In fact a variety of degrees and, we can affirm, as well, that they are of high quality, as teachers are qualified,  simulations, practices and events can be preformed in the facilities, as well as visits to different companies or centers to understand and practice the skills already acquired at class.

We consider the location at Manresa one of the main factors, because it allows us to be closed to and have the chance of combining work and studies at the same time without wasting our time to commute from one city to another. Besides that,  our grades are thaught in the afternoon, which is an advantage for those who work in administrative jobs during the morning.

We choose Business Management (ADE) where we have some paid internships within the main companies in the region (Denso, Funcosa …) and it also offers a language course for all students in order to get the necessary certification to acquire the title.

Besides from the fact that facilities are pretty close and the ambience is very familiar, as we  work in small groups of students, which it is a plus, because whenever you are in trouble with your subjects or homeworks your professors and classmates will be there to help you to solved it easily.

It was easy for us to take this decition, as we have already mentioned before, but also another important factor is that whenever you decide to change of University, then the UManresa-FUB will validate some credits, which is something that not all universities will do for you.

We hope that our contribution can help people in their decition making  while deciding where to study comes to their minds in future.

Jordi Jimenez

Roger Jimenez


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