Why I decided to study at the University of Manresa?

Deciding where to study is one of the most important decisions that we, as students, have to take on our academic life. We would like to give you our point of view, with the aim to be able to help and to inform to those who in to future will have to take this important decision. Aside from showing you which ones were the factors that tipped the balance to choose this University.

The city of Manresa is only a few minutes from where we reside, so that allows us to spend little time to arrive to University. It is a factor to take into account because for most of our friends it takes more than two hours to commute from Manresa to Barcelona by train every day. Time is useful, so in our case we can take advantage and study.

On the other hand, we were interested in the fact that the classes are around 25 or 30 students, which helps to understand and solve the doubts that may arise in class and have a personal attention from professors. The set of credits and, its programming in ADE’s studies, interested us because the University focus on simulation techniques so we can improve our future skills. What is more it is decisive the fact that the studies are taught in the afternoon, so it is compatible with working in the morning.

Finally, UManresa is a modern and beautiful university of new creation and, in the last years, has improved a lot in facilities and new buildings. It provides a better educational offer with more than seven different degrees and a building designed to facilitate that the students of the branch of health can attend to patients and carry out very advanced simulations. In addition to this, they live a good social treatment and a good personal attention to the students by the doctorate.

We feel proud and pleased of our choice and we hope that our opinions could be a great help and are expect that in future you will be part of this great family of UManresa.

Sergio Pérez

Daniel Negulescu


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