What’s Corporate Communication?

We can understand communication as the act by which a message is elaborated and structured. This message is send to its particular or specific receiver and once he or she has received, then starts another process of communication to answer us and give feedback.

In business as well as in general life, the way we communicate, affects how we relate to the environment.

Corporate communication is the act by which an organization issues a series of messages through a series of media to a set of recipients. The goal is to convey a set of ideas and concepts related to the organization.

The origin of corporate communication is in the well-known Public Relations, which consisted of taking care of the links with the media and the people relevant to the company. The activity developed till this type of communication, which now has integrated or incorporated another activities such as internal communication, external communication or branding among others.

The main goal of Corporate Communication is to set the framework of the content to be communicated by the company. The purpose is to give coherence and consistency in the messages emitted by the organization and to lead the communicative activity.

Therefore, communication is not a unilateral fact, neither a monologue. It requires a receiver who knows how to decode the message and who has the possibility of giving feedback to the sender. All of this needs to be done by the communication department  who establish the appropriate communication for the interests of the company.

All in the organization communicates; Its employees, its collaborators, its processes, its structures, its objectives, its strategies, its style of management its decisions. Therefore, each worker, for example, is a potential corporate communication agent, both inside and outside the organization.

So we can see the clear important paper that an strategic communication has within a organization.




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