What does RED BULL in Communication to be a worldwide known brand?

Red Bull is one of the greatest energy drink companies in the world. The iconic Blue and Silver can has become a symbol for vitality, helping people with work and play. Its catchphrase, “Red Bull gives you wings!” is a testament to the sort of imagery energy drinks wish to portray.

The brand “Red Bull” came into existence in 1984, with its first product launched in 1987, making it a pioneer in the global energy drink market. Although achieving such a unique placement in the global markets has not been something easy to do. Probably, the most important thing that brought them to their actual position is having a well-defined IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) plan and they are definitely one of the best companies on that. They had always in mind what they wanted to represent and how they wanted to communicate it.

In order to do this, they first had to think about the objectives they wanted to reach. And as in other companies, the main aims are to increase sales every year, to give a clear, engaging, unique and relevant image to the target audience, delivering a positive emotion rather than just providing the benefits needed and finally getting new consumers. To achieve it, they`ve been carrying out a really interesting IMC plan which consists in having a clear media strategy. So depending on the product or the target audience, they use a different media channel.

First of all they are present on TV. They have advertisements on prime time reaching 99% of the homes at once and advertising each product considering the audience who watch the content of that channel.

Secondly, we can hear Red Bull ads on different FM stations which have higher listeners.

Thirdly, they are taking advantage of the fact that magazines have become a very specialized medium. So we can see different ads on some magazines usually oriented to extreme sports in which the good colour production creates stronger images.

Fourthly, and very similar to the magazines, Red Bull is using internet to advertise their different products although probably, in a more efficient way as nowadays it’s really easy to know who is interested in your products by checking who has entered to your website, Facebook, Instagram etc. Obviously, social media is essential.

Fifthly, the outdoor it’s also a very important place for placing their advertising. For example: skateboard parks, ski stations, football or soccer fields, etc. and creating event sponsorships.

Finally, sportsmen endorsement.  Every one of us has seen a F1 driver drinking from a Red Bull drink or the brand printed on their clothes.  But also in athletes from completely different sports.

In conclusion, the majority of Red Bull’s success is due to having a fantastic IMC plan which has allowed them to get to a lot of people around the world and being nowadays one of the most well-known brands in the world.




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