What does Information, Advertisement and Publicity mean in company’s communication?

Sometimes the concepts of information, advertisement and publicity don’t stay very clear in people minds’. Perhaps there are always doubts about these concepts.

Let’s go to put in a nutshell… INFORMATION is the answer to a question of some kind. It’s thus related to data and knowledge. For example, when you search by Google something of one company that you want know about, so you receive information and you can check whatever you want like Bershka website you can see all the new clothes or trendy accessorizes. The advantages are communication, globalization and cultural gap, availability, creation of new types of jobs and the cost effectiveness and productivity. The disadvantages are Unemployment and lack of job security, dominant culture and security issues and implementation expenses.

Furthermore, ADVERTISEMENT is the communication relayed from companies to persuade an audience to purchase their products. For example, when you see on the TV selling directly the product or service but don’t forget that they pay for this so it’s necessary that you stay saying or listening the TV. The advantages are introduces a new product in a market, expansion of the market, increase sales, fights competition, enhances Good-Will, better quality products, more employment opportunities. The disadvantages are adds to costs, undermines social values, confuses the buyers, encourages sale of inferior products and some advertisement is in bad taste.

Finally, PUBLICITY is to get that everybody talk about you without pay. For example, we can put a currently success of publicity. This is a suede shoes of Puma, that in short time this shoes be in fashion so to make this possible, you must be careful with all contact with customers, not only positive also negatives, because they are your main publicity!

Depends of your interested, you will select one or another one type of communication, because if your brand stay in a brilliant time and the people speak in a good way for it, you stay in a publicity and you don’t have to pay and do an advertisement. The advantages are virtually free, substantiates your efforts as an expert, causes you to be noticed, helps form strategic alliances, is viral, enhances your identity, builds your credibility and boosts your effective competitiveness and gives you the status of a celebrity. The disadvantages are sometimes loss of trust, can effects negatively on sales, damaged brand equity and association.

You can say: what of these kinds of business communication is the best?

Of course, all of them… But imagine that your product or services become a tendency, so are the order of the day and you don’t pay anything. It’s amazing, isn`t it?




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