Collaborative consumption our immediate future in business?

Collaborative consumption is a win-win business relation-ship and a great opportunity to redefine the economy and the way we act as a consumers. We just have to get used to it. It is clear that technology, the economic crisis that has hit us all and the globalization, among others, lead us to look for more... Leer más →

Know Gen Z in 7 steps: The most individualist customer

How old are they? What do they really need? Which are their concerns? Is what companies has been asking themselves to order to understand The new generation, the gen Z, which will represent an important part of market in two years, has some tips to consider: They are not just a number. As they are... Leer más →

The 5 main reasons why we study at FUB

Choosing an university is always a difficult decision, as it will have a great importance in your future. Here we will give you the five main reasons that we have considered at the moment of selecting the FUB as our university. -    Personal attention: As a private university there are few students in class... Leer más →

Knowing our interest: Succeed or die

Information and communications are key factors for companies. Look at the character Tyrion’s from Game of Thrones and how communication can determine de death or the success of a company. One Tyrion’s strongest points in communication, is to be able to know which are the interest of every person he meets. This quality saved his... Leer más →

Zara’s logo is in controversy.

The influence of globalization, the voracious competition, and social networks as a method of promoting a brand, makes aesthetic appearances becomes very important in business, whereas the logo and the visual image is the first impact on consumers mind. Companies spend millions of dollars designing their corporate logos – they have a good reason for,... Leer más →

How new technologies have changed our lives?

Today’s consumer is very different from the traditional idea of a passive consumer, which is limited to the consumption offered by the market and that is given too much prominence. In contrast, the new consumer is proactive and has leadership capacity. He is also active in networks, is much more informed and in addition this,... Leer más →

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