What is the importance and meaning of colors in advertising?

At the level of psychology we can say that colors play a very important role in advertising. For many ignored groups, colors allow to understand many aspects considered as details but that are mostly impacting at the consumer level in a positive or negative way that can develop in a critical thinking about the product... Leer más →


A brand is a property of a company, is the most important intangible value for a company. It allows consumers or customers to differentiate a product or service in the market. A brand guide customer’s buying decisions based on its values (confidence, security, quality, experience...). Is not only a  logo, it also expresses information, you... Leer más →


The brand is a distinctive sign, in which the main function is to differentiate and make unique to the products or services of a company against the other competitors. The brand is what gives identity and meaning to a specific product or service. The brand is the most important intangible value for a company. A... Leer más →


Why do you believe that colors are so important while creating your brand? Well the answerto that question is because colors have an effect on human behaviour. There is a branch ofpsychology called “color psychology“ which is the study that deals with colors and its effectson human behaviour. Color psychology emerged thousands of years ago... Leer más →

The different stages of market

During the history of humanity there have been changes in all areas, the case of business is not an exception due to the passing of years, the cultural and the economic changes. So we can observe the following different stages during our history:  1st stage: begining XXth century that took place before the XX century and that has some particular characteristics due to... Leer más →

Promotion: from pushing to pulling audiences

Even though we consider promotion as a relatively new thing, it has actually been existing for a big part of our history. In every single country in the world, people found out how to reach more people, how to effectively communicate with others and get to sell more or promote their stuff. Believe it or... Leer más →


Humans have always invented forms of communicating: from smoke signals and messenger pigeons to the telephone and the email. Communication has always been fundamental in our society and without it we would not be where we are now. Nonetheless, the issue that concerns us the most is how businesses uses internal and external communication to... Leer más →


Corporate communication is an essential element in the business world, as it allows firms to communicate more efficiently. This concept is a total communication activity generated by a company, institution, organization, which is addressed to its publics to achieve its communication planning objectives.  On one hand, there are some communication activities and processes undertaken within... Leer más →


What do you know about neuromarketing? Do you know you can study consumer’s behaviour? Discover what it is and how it can helps to your business strategy! Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience to marketing. Its aim is to know and understand the level of attention people pays to different stimuli. Therefore, it studies people’s... Leer más →

There are 9 reasons to study in FUB

When finishing high school studies, we must consider what degree we want to study and inwhich university we want to do it. It is a stage in which many doubts arise; Is this the careerI should choose? Will I be able to get in with my qualifications? Will I have to travelevery day to study?... Leer más →

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